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Compact Power Packages: AXTON’s New Amplifier Series

No more than 10.5 cm wide and 4 cm high, the new AXTON class D power amps offer performance in the tiniest space.


New EMPHASER Amplifiers for Audiophile Music Lovers

EMPHASER’s EA-S2 and EA-S4 class A/B power amps impress with plenty of power and an excellent sound New EMPHASER class A/B amps With the SENSE amplifiers, the EA-S2 (2-channel) and the EA-S4 (4-channel), the well-known EMPHASER brand now has two top class power amps in its product range that combine excellent music reproduction and a … Weiterlesen »


Top-class performance: EMPHASER monolith amps score high marks in test

The German magazine Car & HiFi (issue 05/2019) rated the EMPHASER 4-channel amplifier EA-M4x as „Best Product“ and awarded the mono amp EA-M1 the „Performance Tip“ accolade. Emphaser’s Monoliths in test In times when digital amplifiers are becoming even smaller, the traditional car audio brand EMPHASER has brought out three power amps on the market … Weiterlesen »


Top Class Digital Amplifiers: EMPHASER’s Monolith Series

Power for perfection – EMPHASER’s three new amps combine power and sound


AXTON’s Car Audio Amplifier A580DSP Impresses in Test

„Probably the fastest way to improve sound with DSP“, is the verdict of German Car & Hifi magazine (01/2017) on AXTON’s A580DSP power amplifier, awarding it the ‚Practical tip‘ accolade.


AXTON A580DSP – In-car Hi-fi thanks to Amp with Smartphone App

An audibly better in-car sound experience for every music fan: The 4-channel amplifier A580DSP noticeably improves the sound of factory systems, and is controlled from the smartphone. AXTON amp A580DSP with smartphone control How can you do something for a weak sounding factory system at little expense, and also guarantee the customer ease of use? … Weiterlesen »