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Smart 2-DIN Entertainer: ZENEC’s Z-N426 is Best Product

ZENEC’s new 2-DIN multimedia system with DAB+ impresses in a test conducted by the German Car & Hifi magazine (issue 01/2018)


Perfect Partner for Smartphones: the ZENEC Infotainer Z-N426

The new 2-DIN DAB+ moniceiver offers a varied entertainment program and enables the comprehensive use of cellphone functions in the car. ZENEC Z-N426: modern 2-DIN DAB+ infotainer Communicate on the move, listen to radio, enjoy music – with the Z-N426 the Swiss multimedia specialist ZENEC now has another high performance infotainer in its product range. … Weiterlesen »


ZENEC Z-E6150: Entertainer and sat nav for Toyota vehicles

It does not have to be a factory fitted sat nav – with the Z-E6150 ZENEC has now brought out a tailor-made navitainer for Toyota Z-E6150: Infotainer for Toyota Thought about retrofitting a tailor-made multimedia station in your Toyota so that you don’t have to do without modern entertainment during the journey? With the Z-E6150 … Weiterlesen »


Premium sat nav for the BMW 3 – ZENEC’s Z-E3215 MkII

Optimal in-vehicle integration, many multimedia and Bluetooth functions, and a top quality navigation system – market leader ZENEC unveils its new naviceiver for the BMW 3 Series.


Equipped for the Future – ZENEC’s New 2-DIN Naviceiver Z-N626

A new sat nav with DAB+, Bluetooth and many future-oriented functions has the Swiss multimedia specialist now with the Z-N626 in its program.