6 Steps how to use a Cleaning Clay Bar Kit for Cars professionally

Preparing a professional car polish.

6 Steps how to use a Cleaning Clay Bar Kit for Cars  professionally

Instruction varnish cleaner for cars and motorcycles for a gentle varnish

6 Steps how to use a Cleaning Clay Bar Kit for Cars professionally

The best material to use in cleaning your car surface to make it as good as new is a Clay Bar Kit. Claying is the process of removing stubborn dirt particles that sticks to your car’s surface. It is highly recommended to clay your car at least twice a year or if you’re at a highly industrialized city then uses it as required.

Let’s take for example, Ambideluxe’s AmbiClean detailing clay bar in a step-by-step process of removing dust, tree resin, flash rost, industry fallout, acid raid, and other contaminants from your car’s exterior surfaces and smooth’s your paint while exfoliating dirt at the same time.

(1) Wash your car thoroughly and later dry it to remove initial dirt on the surface to help achieve the best claying process. Cut out a handy piece of the purple clay and squeeze it until it’s malleable.

(2) Roll it into a thick ball and wet it with a small amount of water, then form it into a flat rectangular 5×5 inch mass. Like other clays, this clay is designed to be rubbed on humid areas, so you may want to spray lubricants (but water is fine) in a small 15×15 inch working section to humidify the car surface properly.

(3) Rub the clay with little pressure back and forth but only in a lengthwise direction, up and down or left to right but never in a circular motion. This will ensure that slightly visible curve lines on the shining surface won’t be visible later on. You should be able to enjoy the sound of peeling contaminants like a duct tape being ripped-off as you scrub the clay off the surface.

(4) Press and turn the now dirty clay until you see another face of clean mass. Don’t forget to examine the clay every now and then as well as the car surface for large particles that might scratch your car’s paint. If you dropped it, throw it away since it won’t be of use any longer.

(5) Wipe the lubricated section with a non-scratch microfiber cloth. The clayed part should now be as good as a sheet of shining glass

(6) Repeat the same process to other sections until the entire car has been clayed and
polished clean. Do this as an alternative to your aerobic exercise since it could probably take you time to finish the process and fully cover the whole car.

But hard work pays off once you see your car vibrantly shining under the full back of the sun, good as brand new as you examine the exciting results AmbiClean has done.

Ambideluxe is also professional at cleaning both cars and motorcycles. It’s nonabrasive so you don”t have to worry about the color of paint and it’s safe to use. This 100-gram clay bar kit is also designed to clay parts like glass, wheels, lights and more. Plus satisfaction but if not, money-back is guaranteed. Use with adult supervision once it’s delivered from Amazon stores after ordering it online. So pamper your vehicle and make it shine.

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