Arriving fast and sure with the Xzent motorhome satnav X-302MH

Navigation of motorhomes, caravans, vans or trucks made easy: Xzent’s new permanently installed 2-DIN multimedia navigation system X-302MH offers top functionality at a super price.

Arriving fast and sure with the Xzent motorhome satnav X-302MH

Xzent motorhome satnav X-302MH

With the X-302MH the multimedia and navigation specialist Xzent has now brought out a comprehensively featured system that is really gentle on the budget. Xzent’s new 2-DIN naviceiver provides a wide variety of entertainment, comfortable phoning, and – thanks to its special motor caravan navigation software – relaxed travel in 44 European countries (including Turkey).
Fast route calculations combined with realistic 3D terrain and city views make getting to your destination very comfortable. With the calculation of real-time route alternatives, congestion detour information appears promptly on the display. More than 6.5 million points of interest, integrated TMC module, 3D Auto-Zoom, Eco and Smart modes – the navigation section of the X-302MH leaves nothing to be desired.
Narrow roads and low bridges are always a special challenge for motorhomes, towed caravans, and trucks. To make the navigation of these large, heavy vehicles easier, the Xzent motorhome naviceiver is equipped with motor caravan navigation software. By choosing a specific vehicle profile, the X-302MH can be optimally set for the particular vehicle type. Entering vehicle-specific data, such as height, length, weight, trailer etc. enables you to plan any route more effectively. Restrictions along the route – bridge height or road width, for example – are naturally included in the calculation.
The Xzent motorhome satnav also proves itself in the multimedia area: With its built-in CD/DVD drive, USB port, and SD/SDHC card reader at the front of the device, the X-302MH is ideally equipped to playback practically all the current media and A/V formats, including high resolution videos. Interference-free radio reception is provided by a high-sensitivity FM RDS tuner with integrated DSP-based noise reduction.
Bass and treble controls, subwoofer level and crossover, loudness, balance and fader enable individual sound tuning. The X-302MH is equipped with a powerful 4 x 40 watt power amplifier complete with 4.1 audio line-outs for connection to an external power amp.
The well equipped Bluetooth unit of the X-302MH is impressive for its outstanding speech quality, and wins points in practice with the smooth phonebook synchronization. Music stored in a mobile phone is easy to play back over the Xzent Naviceiver thanks to A2DP.
Fine image detail and high brightness is provided by the non-reflective 6.2″/15.7 cm 16:9 TFT LCD touchscreen display with a high resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. Particular attention has been paid to the ease of operation: All functions can be comfortably controlled via the touch panel. The user interface with its fresh, modern look is very attractive and clearly designed, while the logically structured menus are totally intuitive to use.
Visual integration with the vehicle is also taken care of: the tri-color button illumination (red/green/blue) allows harmonization with the cockpit lighting of the most common vehicle models. Interfacing to common steering wheel remote controls is effortlessly accomplished by a CAN stalk adapter, obtainable separately.
To round off the extensive list of features there are two video outputs, and one A/V input for the connection of other signal sources: DVB-T tuner, DAB+ receiver, monitor or rear-view camera.

The brand Zenec stands for pure in-car multimedia. Moniceivers, naviceivers, roof mount and universal monitors sum to a well rounded portfolio of in-car products. Added to that are accessory components like DVB-T/DAB+-tuners, rear view cameras and headphones. All Zenec devices are perfectly compatible with one another.
The Zenec multimedia range is perceived to follow the edge of technology, but also to stand out with an exceptional price/performance value. Yet, quality before quantity is the other important maxim given, Zenec is strictly adhering to.
In 2008, Zenec brought the first E>GO model onto the market, thereby immediately establishing a completely new category of device: the vehicle-specific naviceiver. E>GOs are a perfect fit – visually and technically – in the respective target vehicle, without additional bezels, adapters and hours of installation work. With the new line up 2013/2014 there are E>GOs to fit into over 60 models of vehicle.
Few car media brands have ever started out as successfully as Zenec. Today, Zenec has established itself as undisputed market leader for multimedia navigation and spots – according to the Association for Consumer Research (Gfk) – in the German speaking territories a market share in excess of 35%.

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