AXTON A500DSP: Plug & Play Preamplifier with Smartphone App

Audibly better sound experience for every music fan; The 5-channel preamplifier A500DSP is the basis for a high quality car hi-fi system controlled from a smartphone.

AXTON A500DSP: Plug & Play Preamplifier with Smartphone App

AXTON preamp A500DSP with smartphone control

The sound of factory systems often fails to satisfy individual needs. However, these days refitting an audiophile car audio system is getting ever more difficult since factory radios on modern vehicles are increasingly fully integrated. Many music lovers are therefore put off from upgrading their sound system by the high cost. This is where the AXTON A500DSP comes in with a 5-channel preamplifier having a plug and play connection to the original radio and a comprehensive app controlled DSP software for professional audio tuning of the OE system.

Competitive edge through innovation

With its performance and innovative control concept, the DSP power amp A580DSP launched in fall 2016 made customers and the trade sit up and take notice – Car & HiFi magazine awarded it a “Practical tip ” accolade in the 06/2016 issue. The A500DSP now sees AXTON expanding its winning amp design with a pure DSP and smartphone control.

Product Manager Denny Krauledat explains: “Our 4-channel preamp A580DSP has really revolutionized the market. The simple operation from the smartphone has the car hi-fi fans completely convinced. With the new A500DSP preamp we are now addressing car audio enthusiasts looking for a convincing solution to connect their amplifier to the original radio. This is where the A500DSP scores with features that makes it rise above the competition: plug and play connection, start/stop compatibility, control by smartphone, and a 10 Volt line out – these are features that a car audio fan simply knows how to value.”

Beside these outstanding features for direct connection to the factory radio, the A500DSP can also be connected to radios with preamp outputs thanks to the separate power supply terminal and 4-channel RCA input.

Everything under control with the app

Control of the DSP is via Bluetooth using a free app, available in the Apple App Store for iOS and at for Android smartphones.

“Our aim was to have an app that displays all functions clearly so as to attract the interest of those new to DSP who were previously put off by the supposed complexity”, says Denny Krauledat about the app.

The DSP has all the useful tools like time correction, active crossover, and parametric equalizer. The time correction can be set between 0 and 230 cm, the 3-way active crossover provides high, low, and bandpass filters with a 6/12/18 or 24 dB slope. The parametric 7-band EQ is amazing with its freely selectable Q-factors from 0.3 to 9.9.

Once you have tuned the sound to the vehicle acoustics and your personal preferences, the settings can be saved in the preamp and on the smartphone.

Quick installation

The A500DSP 5-channel preamplifier is connected to the original radio using the 1.5 m long ISO standard cable supplied with the set, and can be installed out of sight at various places in the vehicle. Furthermore, there are numerous optional plug and play connection cables for many vehicles from Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda, BMW, Mini, Mercedes, Ford and Opel, as well as Kia, Hyundai, Nissan and Peugeot.

Die Marke AXTON erfreut sich seit fast 30 Jahren hoher Beliebtheit bei Car-HiFi Enthusiasten. Die Produkte von AXTON werden regelmäßig in Fachzeitschriften für ihr hohes Preisleistungsverhältnisses ausgezeichnet. Das Sortiment umfasst Verstärker und verschiedene Lautsprecher für die PKW-Nachrüstung: Compo- und Coxialsysteme, Subwooferkisten und auch kompakte Untersitzbässe.

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