Great Multimedia Car Radio: ZENEC“S 1-DIN System Z-N965

ZENEC’s 1-DIN multimedia system awarded ‚Highlight‘ accolade in test by the German Car & HiFi magazine (02/2021)

Great Multimedia Car Radio: ZENEC"S 1-DIN System Z-N965

Highlight – ZENEC’s 1-Din Infotainer Z-N965

After the convincing performance of the 2-DIN infotainer Z-N966 in the test lab of the German Car & HiFi magazine the 1-DIN model Z-N965 is now on the test bench. And it masters all the tasks brilliantly. „The ZENEC Z-N965 is a great multimedia car radio. Its clever design enables the enjoyment of full infotainment on a generous 9-in screen in cars with a standard DIN slot“, is how the testers in issue 02/2021 judge the new ZENEC, awarding it the ‚Highlight‘ accolade in the Top Class category.


Already the well thought out construction of the display, which is adjustable for height and tilt, is enough to impress the tech journalists: „as it allows an optimal position in many vehicles.“

The testers are also impressed by the quality of the extra large capacitive 9″/22.9 cm real glass display and its „sharp, crisp images“. Then there is the ease of use that, says Car & HiFi „is smooth and intuitive via the very responsive touchscreen, as with all ZENEC devices“.


The Z-N965 also scores with its multimedia functions, above all the integrated DAB+ double tuner: „With the twin tuner it delivers crystal clear reception of digital radio stations, and with DAB-DAB Service-Following, MOT Slideshow, DLS Text and dynamic station list it offers all the associated comfort functions.“

Two USB ports for A/V playback and connecting smartphones, Bluetooth telephony and music streaming, along with Made for iPod/iPhone, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support make the Z-N965 a comprehensively complete infotainment package.

„The audio features also satisfy every possible requirement“, the testers go on to say, „the Expert mode allowing numerous sound parameters to be set.“ A 10-band equalizer, high and low-pass filters, subwoofer control and 5-channel time alignment enable optimal sound tuning in any vehicle.


Also for those who don’t just want to navigate online with CarPlay or Android Auto, the Z-N965 is a clever system say Car & HiFi, „because it already has the hardware necessary for navigation. „Three navigation packages – Z-EMAP66-PC3 for cars and the special motorhome versions Z-EMAP66-MH3 and -MH7 – are available as accessories. „In addition, the motorhome versions offer vehicle profiles for entering height, length, weight etc. and include a very comprehensive package with camping-points of interest together with details“ explain the experienced testers. „The MH3 gives you free map updates for three years, and the MH7 a whole seven years.“

The brand Zenec stands for pure in-car multimedia. Moniceivers, naviceivers, monitors sum to a well rounded portfolio of in-car products. Added to that are accessory components like rear view cameras. All Zenec devices are perfectly compatible with one another.

The Zenec multimedia range is perceived to follow the edge of technology, but also to stand out with an exceptional price/performance value. Yet, quality before quantity is the other important maxim given, Zenec is strictly adhering to.

In 2008, Zenec brought the first E>GO model onto the market, thereby immediately establishing a completely new category of device: the vehicle-specific naviceiver. E>GOs are a perfect fit – visually and technically – in the respective target vehicle, without additional bezels, adapters and hours of installation work.

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