Hi-fi Sound in the Truck with AXTON’s 24-Volt Amps

AXTON’s mono power amp AT101 and the 4-channel amplifier AT401 improve music quality in vehicles with 24-volt onboard electrical system

Hi-fi Sound in the Truck with AXTON

AXTON’s amplifiers for trucks

If you are underway in your truck every day week in, week out, then you would like to have quality sound in your vehicle: when listening to music on a long drive, or watching a video during rest periods. Retrofitting an amplifier is an easy job resulting in big improvements of the audio performance and especially the sound of factory systems and/or multimedia and navigation devices – without changing the complete audio setup.

With the new AT series, car audio specialist AXTON now has two digital amplifiers in its product range that connect to and work with 24-volt on-board voltage. Both amps can be installed in trucks in a variety of ways, to provide a powerful sound for a distinct sound upgrade. The AT101 mono block and the 4-channel AT401 power amp are designed for trucks, truck-based motorhomes and other vehicles having a 24-volt onboard electrical system.

The elegant, gray anodized aluminum housings have a first class finish and are well designed. Also despite their compact size, the massive heat sinks dissipate the heat outwards, thereby ensuring that the operating temperature remains steady at an optimum value. Just 10.5 cm wide and 4 cm high, these AXTON amps allow for a concealed install in trucks or motorhomes.

The internal design is first class as well with amplifier circuitry and printed circuit board layout both optimized for lowest THD levels. Only selected components are used in the assembly to guarantee a long service life and impressive performance, even under extreme loads. These class D amps reproduce music with transparency, gripping dynamics and above all, genuine enthusiasm.

The performance of the 4-channel amplifier AT401 from 4 x 100 watts RMS into 4 ohms or 2 x 350 watts RMS bridged into 4 ohms makes it the perfect power amp for a variety of systems and applications. The mono AT101 also shines with up to 400 watts RMS into 2 ohms, making not only the subwoofer sweat.

The AT401 is equipped with a 12 dB/oct. high and low pass filter (40 – 400 Hz), while the mono block AT101 has a low pass filter (50 – 250 Hz), an infrasonic filter (10 – 55 Hz) and a bass boost. In addition to the low-level input, both models have high-level inputs with auto turn-on/off for connection to factory OE radios without RCA line outputs. Thus there is nothing to prevent the universal deployment of these amplifier models.

In the case of the AT101 a bass level remote control is included for convenient adjustment of the subwoofer playback level from the driver’s seat.

The brand AXTON has been popular with car enthusiasts for almost 30 years. AXTON’s products are regularly recognized in trade magazines for their high price performance ratio. The range includes amplifiers and various loudspeakers for car retrofitting: component and coaxial systems, bass boxes, and also compact under seat woofers.

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