Highlight: The ZENEC Z-E2055 Infotainer for VW Golf V / VI

„Very latest infotainment tailor-made for the dashboard“ is the verdict of the German Car & HiFi magazine (03/2021) on the new ZENEC touchscreen car radio Z-E2055, awarding it the ‚Highlight‘ accolade in the Top Class category.

Highlight: The ZENEC Z-E2055 Infotainer for VW Golf V / VI

ZENEC Z-E2055: Touchscreen car radio for VW

ZENEC“s latest infotainer Z-E2055 is designed for vehicles based on the VW Golf V and VI platforms – over 50 VW, Seat and Skoda models built from 2003 to 2009. That represents many millions of cars running on our roads today. „The factory radios RNS 210/310/315/510 and RCD 310/315/510 originally installed by Volkswagen are“, says the German Car & HiFi magazine (issue 03/2021), „hopelessly outdated by today’s standards.“ In search for a modern retrofit solution, Car & HiFi put the Z-E2055 through a tough test and was impressed „With the Z-E2055 ZENEC brings the very latest infotainment tailor-made for the dashboard“.

According to Car & HiFi, not only the visual integration in the VW Seat and Skoda models has been successfully done, but also the networking with the control architecture. By means of the supplied CAN bus module the Z-E2055 can communicate with the vehicle electronics and so support factory installed functions. „In this way control via the buttons of the multifunction steering wheel (…), including for the Climatronic and the OPS optical parking system is maintained. Even a factory Dynaudio sound system is supported over the CAN.“

The tech journalists were also impressed by the large 9″/22.9 cm real glass touchscreen. „It offers a large surface and responds to a finger touch by capacitive working.“ Yet not just the hardware, but also the ease of use impressed the experienced testers. „For example the menus of the Z-E2055 are excellent with a design that is clear and user friendly. At the same time the graphics look cool which makes operation not only simple but also fun.“

The Z-E2055 supports Apple Car Play and Android Auto so that, as Car & HiFi say, „you have safe access to numerous phone apps“. The testers praised not only the easy integration and ease of use via the ZENEC touchscreen or voice input, but also the ability to expand the range of functions: „In conjunction with a smartphone the ZENEC is turned into a fully-fledged sat nav receiver.“

„As regards digital radio reception the ZENEC is also abreast of the times“, say the experienced testers, offering DAB+ reception „in noise free quality“. The infotainment functions include Bluetooth telephony, music streaming, and audio/video playback via USB or mobile phone. In addition, there is an HDMI interface for the connection of further playback devices, as well as ports for an external amplifier, monitor and a rear-view camera.

Extra special praise was earned by the sound tuning options via the integrated digital sound processor, according to Car & HiFi, adding that „in the Expert Mode this allows fine adjustment of the sound.“ Beside high and low pass filters and an 8-band equalizer the Z-E2055 „even has digital time alignment for perfect staging“ onboard. „All settings are easy to make in the nice and clearly structured menus with a graphical display.“

The brand Zenec stands for pure in-car multimedia. Moniceivers, naviceivers, monitors sum to a well rounded portfolio of in-car products. Added to that are accessory components like rear view cameras. All Zenec devices are perfectly compatible with one another.

The Zenec multimedia range is perceived to follow the edge of technology, but also to stand out with an exceptional price/performance value. Yet, quality before quantity is the other important maxim given, Zenec is strictly adhering to.

In 2008, Zenec brought the first E>GO model onto the market, thereby immediately establishing a completely new category of device: the vehicle-specific naviceiver. E>GOs are a perfect fit – visually and technically – in the respective target vehicle, without additional bezels, adapters and hours of installation work.

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