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Sound Upgrade in VW T5 – EMPHASER’s Speaker EM-VWF1

Quick and easy to install, the EMPHASER Plug and Play component system creates a super sound in the Volkswagen T5


Install and Enjoy: EMPHASER speaker for Mercedes

EMPHASER’s speaker systems with front bass tailor-made for Mercedes-Benz C-Class and E-Class impress with their audiophile sound EMPHASER’s speaker for MERCEDES Many Mercedes drivers face a dilemma: they find the sound of their factory speakers unsatisfactory, but it is also difficult to get good sounding aftermarket speakers that are easy to fit. A total solution … Weiterlesen »


Sound Upgrade – EMPHASER Speaker for Mercedes

Better sound only with new speakers – EMPHASER’s systems for Mercedes convincing in test by German Car & HiFi magazine (05/2019) EMPHASER Speaker for MERCEDES Although actually dissatisfied with the sound, many Mercedes drivers are put off from replacing the factory speakers installed in their vehicle. Not without good reason: Mercedes OEM systems are constructed … Weiterlesen »


Ignoring warning lights can be dangerous

Huf: Regularly check your tire pressure monitoring systems Car drivers should take immediate action if the TPMS warning lamp lights up. Traffic lights have their uses. They’ve been around almost as long as cars. And they’ve certainly proven their worth. While most car drivers stick to the traffic light rules, some road users persistently ignore … Weiterlesen »


SmartTOP Dachmodule zur einfachen Steckinstallation

Die SmartTOP Verdecksteuerungen der Firma Mods4cars werden mit einem Plug-and-Play Kabelsatz geliefert. Die Steckverbindung macht eine schnelle und einfache Installation des nachrüstbaren Cabriomoduls möglich. Ocean, New Jersey – 16. August 2011 Die SmartTOP Dachsteuerungen der Firma Mods4cars für Alfa, Audi, Ford, Infiniti, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault, Volvo und VW sind mit Plug-and-Play Kabelsatz erhältlich. … Weiterlesen »