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Integration Tip – ZENEC E>GO Core Media Center

“Ideal retrofit option for later Volkswagen models” is the verdict of the German Car & HiFi magazine (03/2020) on the new ZENEC multimedia naviceiver


All-rounder – XZENT Infotainmer X-F270 for FIAT Ducato

Smart multimedia retrofit for FIAT Ducato: The X-F270 offers the latest infotainment functions and can be upgraded to a motorhome naviceiver. XZENT X-F270: Infotainer for FIAT Ducato For the start of the new motorhome season XZENT has put a new infotainer on the market: the X-F270, tailor-made for the FIAT Ducato III, Citroen Jumper II … Weiterlesen »


Modern 1-DIN Media Center for the Car: the RADICAL R-D111

RADICAL’s new infotainer based on Android 9.0 combines the latest multimedia functions with comfortable mobile phone integration RADICAL R-D111 – New 1-DIN Infotainer Modern style, innovative technologies and attractive pricing – with the R-D111, RADICAL now has a 1-DIN infotainer in its product range. The R-D111 (retail price 379 euros) is a well equipped media … Weiterlesen »


RADICAL R-D211: New Android 9.0 based Infotainer

Designed as an open Android system, RADICAL’s new media center enables modern use of a mobile phone in the car while bringing app diversity into the cockpit RADICAL R-D211 – new 2-DIN Infotainer The RADICAL car media brand is certainly no longer a newcomer on the in-car infotainment market. Since then its product range has … Weiterlesen »


Price Tip: XZENT Infotainer X-522

“Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and DAB+ at an attractive price”, is the verdict of Car & HiFi magazine (01/2020) in a detailed test report on the 2-DIN moniceiver X-522 from XZENT. XZENT X-522: Infotainer for iOS and Android XZENT, a brand of the Swiss car media specialists ACR, has stood for good quality products at … Weiterlesen »


Extra Large Display: ZENEC Z-E3766 Sat Nav for Fiat Ducato

ZENEC’s new infotainer / naviceiver is designed specifically for use in a motorhome, fitting perfectly in the Fiat Ducato III, Citroen Jumper II and Peugeot Boxer II Z-E3766: Sat Nav for Fiat Ducato motorhome A large touchscreen for Fiat Ducato III, Citroen Jumper II and Peugeot Boxer II based motorhomes. The new infotainer Z-E3766 from … Weiterlesen »


Navi Retrofits Made Easy – With ZENEC’s E>GO CORE

An easy to retrofit multimedia sat nav system with a large display? ZENEC E>GO CORE infotainers integrate perfectly into different VW and Skoda models. GO CORE’ /> ZENEC E>GO CORE Infotainer When buying a new car you have the option of also ordering a factory multimedia or a sat nav system with a large display. … Weiterlesen »


Smart Infotainer: ZENEC Z-N328 convinces testers

ZENEC’s new 2-DIN multimedia system with DAB+ is awarded the ‘Highlight’ accolade by the German Car & HiFi magazine (issue 05/2019) After the great success of its 2-DIN infotainers Z-N326 and Z-N426, the Swiss multimedia specialist ZENEC is now launching the successor model, the Z-N328, equipped with DAB+ and a 6.2″/15.7 cm touchscreen. The complete … Weiterlesen »


Price Tip – EMPHASER’s Digital Sound Processor EA-D8

“Full-feature 8-channel DSP at a low price”, is the verdict of the testers of the German magazine (Car & HiFi 01/2019), awarding the EA-D8 a ‘Price Tip’ recommendation


DSP Amp for Professional Sound: AXTON A540DSP in Test

Sensational at the price, is the verdict of German Car & Hifi magazine (01/2019) on AXTON’s 4-channel DSP amplifier, rating it as a ‘Practical Tip’. AXTON´s new A540DSP amp in test With the compact DSP amps A530DSP and A580DSP the traditional brand AXTON was already a pioneer years ago in the area of Plug & … Weiterlesen »

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