Zenec”s New Motorhome Navigation System Z-N720MH

Zenec’s new in-dash navigation system Z-N720MH allows to retrofit any 2-DIN slot, and, in addition to a wealth of multimedia features and a top-class hands-free unit, offers a special motor-caravan navigation system

Zenec"s New Motorhome Navigation System Z-N720MH

Motorhome navigation system for 2-DIN slots: Zenec’s Z-N720MH

An in-dash navigation system, fully equipped, up-to-date and easy to use, market leader Zenec now presents the Z-N720MH. The innovative naviceiver is a clever package of navigation, entertainment and communication, providing a retrofit of 2-DIN mounting slots. But that’s not all: The Z-N720MH is equipped with a special motorhome/RV navigation software which makes navigating with caravans or trailer combinations so much easier; A CampingFinder POI package also comes preinstalled, providing information on camping and caravan sites throughout Europe.

Optimally equipped for motorhomes and caravans
Calculate the safest and most efficient routes, including arrival times for each type of vehicle – with the Z-N720MH, you can choose between seven vehicle profiles, whether you are travelling with a car, motorhome, or truck. You can also effectively plan your route by entering vehicle-specific data into the system, such as height, width, length, and weight, etc. Potential Restrictions along the route – bridge crossings, weight restrictions or narrow streets – are automatically factored into the calculation of your destination, avoiding roads where the vehicle would not pass physically or is not permitted to drive.
The pre-installed POI Camping Finder Package (MobilSchaf, in German only), one of the most extensive collections of data, offers detailed information about camping and caravan sites throughout Europe: Whether you are at home or on the road, simply select the destination or a distance radius around your current location, and a list of suitable camping and parking spaces appears straightaway.

The perfect travel companion
For a precise, straightforward guidance, the Z-N720MH provides the latest maps of Europe, a premium database of more than 10 million points of interest and impressively realistic 3-D views. Alternative routes will be calculated in real time; suggested routes to avoid traffic problems also appear without TMC messages. Suitable parking near the destination is automatically displayed with the Parking Around function during route planning.
The iGo Primo 2.0 navigation software, specially developed for the Z-N720MH, is integrated into the device via microSD memory card. Updates of the preloaded maps and other add-ons can therefore be easily installed at home by PC.

Uncompromising multimedia and communication
Combining sophisticated navigation functions with modern multimedia features, the Z-N720MH also gives a brilliant performance as an entertainer. The built-in CD/DVD drive and a USB port provide the playback of all current media and A/V formats. iPods and iPhones can be connected to the Zenec in seconds via an interface cable (available separately).
The integrated Gracenote “More Like This” function enables the comfortable handling of all audio files in USB source mode.
Thanks to the latest Bluetooth technology from Parrot, calls can be easily managed from the cockpit: fast phone book import, easy contact search, quick access to personal favorites, and music streaming via A2DP are some of the advanced Bluetooth functions.

Ease of use
Zenec also places great emphasis on ease of use for this naviceiver. Operating the Z-N720MH while driving is very intuitive, with its large keys and a volume control knob. The clear, user-friendly menu provides quick access to all functions.
The modern touch screen display also meets demands for perfection: LED backlighting and high 800 x 480 pixels resolution provide fine image details with high brightness. The Z-N720MH has specific day and night menus, offering excellent display and image quality under all lighting conditions – even when driving through a dimly-lit tunnel or an avenue.
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The brand Zenec stands for pure in-car multimedia. Moniceivers, naviceivers, roof mount and universal monitors sum to a well rounded portfolio of in-car products. Added to that are accessory components like DVB-T/DAB+-tuners, rear view cameras and headphones. All Zenec devices are perfectly compatible with one another.
The Zenec multimedia range is perceived to follow the edge of technology, but also to stand out with an exceptional price/performance value. Yet, quality before quantity is the other important maxim given, Zenec is strictly adhering to.
In 2008, Zenec brought the first E>GO model onto the market, thereby immediately establishing a completely new category of device: the vehicle-specific naviceiver. E>GOs are a perfect fit – visually and technically – in the respective target vehicle, without additional bezels, adapters and hours of installation work. With the new line up 2013/2014 there are E>GOs to fit into over 60 models of vehicle.
Few car media brands have ever started out as successfully as Zenec. Today, Zenec has established itself as undisputed market leader for multimedia navigation and spots – according to the Association for Consumer Research (Gfk) – in the German speaking territories a market share in excess of 35%.

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